Three Ways To Wear It


Making sure the cords were comfortable to wear all day was important. They needed to be engineered to be strong enough to hold any coat, and take a good beating. But we wanted them soft, flexible, and to be unnoticeable when they are worn.


The sliders allow the JakRak to fit any size or shape body, and let you wear the JakRak as tightly or as loosely as you like. Getting the correct tension and interplay between the slider and cord took many tries, and we didn’t stop until we got the combination perfect. Tested repeatedly, we think they’re perfect.


Then came the clips.

We wanted thin, delicate jackets to be safe with JakRaks. We wanted to be able to carry a suit jacket, or sweater. But we also wanted to be able to carry a wool coat, parka or ski jacket.

Our clips are designed to hold all these types of coats, safely and securely. There were no clips on the market that fit our need, so we started from scratch.

We calculated the number of teeth, what length, what shape, and what coating, would achieve what we wanted. After several almost-there’s, we finalized the perfect JakRak clip, as well as the loop that allows it to move effortlessly up and down the cord.

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