Why a Wrist Wallet?

We love travel and we love keeping our valuables close and save. We love the outdoors, we love exercise and we love not being locked out of our home after a nice run. But carrying keys in your pocket isn’t always safe and sometimes not even an option. So we went looking for a quality, comfortable wrist wallet that could fit more than just one key and maybe a credit card. We found lots of outdated fanny packs.  We were left with only one choice: design our own wrist wallet.

What makes a Banjees Wrist Wallet the best wrist wallet?

We think the Banjees Wrist Wallet is the best available because they:

The design patent on the Big Banjees Wrist Wallet also called the Phone Banjees Wrist Wallet has been granted! We’re thrilled about this and look at it as confirmation that we make the best wrist wallet available.

Who are Banjees Wrist Wallets for?

Banjees are the ideal wallet for runners travelers, beach-goers, or cyclists, or yogis, or… Well, you get the idea. But wrist wallets aren’t just for the outdoorsy type. A Banjees wrist wallet is great for those times when you need to carry more than your pockets can hold, but you don’t want to carry a bag, like your child’s soccer practice, or a quick jaunt to the store.

Ready to find the right wrist wallet for you?

Sprigs Banjees wrist wallets come in five different styles and a variety of colors/prints within each of those styles. Start with the style in which you are interested and then explore the colors/prints from there:


2 Pocket Phone Banjees

Touch Mesh Banjees

Classic Banjees

Reversible Phone Banjees

Water Resistant Banjees

Sport Mesh Banjees