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How do you carry your keys, ID and Cash When Running?

Meet the Banjees® Wrist Wallet – the Running Wallet, “The pocket you wish you had.” Safely carry your necessities & other small items like energy chews/gels with the original Banjees or use the Big Banjees to bring along your phone.

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What Makes Banjees® the Running Wallet to Own?

Don’t Take Just Our Word for It:

We gave Banjees® Running Wrist Wallets to a handful of bloggers for their review. They wrote a lot of great things, but here is a sampling of what they said:

Toni of Running Loving Living wrote:

I carried my keys in the wallet for 12 miles and it did not bother me at all!!!  This is definitely an item that will be part of my running wardrobe!!!!

Kara of Kara Runs wrote:

I barely noticed it. I DID notice the ease in getting prepared to run. No more tossing shirts around, trying to match them with my few pairs of “pocket shorts”. Overall, obviously, I give it an A.

Dorothy of Mile Posts wrote:

Banjees wrist wallets are super cute [hello tie-dye – yes I love you], inexpensive, and work. I happen to think they would make a cute present for the runner in your life. Cheap enough you won’t feel bad about buying for yourself.

Heather of Through Heather’s Looking Glass wrote:

I highly recommend this product for runners, or anyone who wants to be hands free but doesn’t have pockets. Not to mention, it comes in tons of fun colors and prints!

Carrie of Family Fitness Food wrote:

It was hardly noticeable when I was running.  It didn’t bug me at all to have the Banjees and my Garmin on the same wrist.

Amy of Juice Boxes & Crayolas wrote:

The long and short of it is that the banjee is, in my opinion, way more comfortable than carrying something or wearing a belt.  Period.

Laura of Girls Gone Sporty wrote:

It’s clear from the get-go that wearing the Banjees itself is going to be comfortable. It’s like wearing any high-quality workout wear – the fabric is stretchy, soft and wicking, the seams don’t scratch and the zippered pocket isn’t in direct contact with your skin.

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