Instructions for hemming:

These pants are made with an un­nished hem that is easily adjusted by you, to ­t perfectly!

All you need is a good pair of scissors and the instructions below.

  1. Determine how much you need to shorten the pants.  We recommend a half inch to no more
    than a inch at a time. You can always Sprigs Easy-Trim Organic Yoga Pantscut them again,  but once cut, you can’t put that material back on.
  2. Using a large flat surface, lay the pants down so the bottom edges align.
  3. When positioned correctly, the bottom edges of the pants will be even with each other and the edge is a straight line. Note: Seam is not at edge, see diagram to the right
  4. Using very sharp, new or fabric scissors cut a straight line parallel to the bottom edge of the pants.  While cutting, limit movement of the flattened pants to get a smooth even cut.
  5. If you prefer, take the pants to your local dry cleaner where they have fabric scissors and can cut them for you.
  6. The edges are intended to be un­nished, so no sewing is necessary.
  7. Enjoy your self-hemmed organic pants!