Banjees: A Convenient Passport Wallet & More

How do you carry your passport, hotel key and cash while you travel? What if you are in a city with a transit-card system like New York’s MetroCard or London’s Oyster? How do you safely carry the card while still having easy access? And let’s not forget your phone. How do you carry it safely while still being able to get at it to look at maps?

Meet the Banjees Wrist Wallet – The BEST way to carry your valuables while you’re on the go.

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Why Travel with Banjees® Wrist Wallet?

Don’t Take Just Our Word for It:

We gave Banjees® Wrist Wallets to a handful of bloggers for their review. They wrote a lot of great things, but here is a sampling of what they said:

Tim of Practical Travel Gear wrote:

For the traveler, the benefits are more defense-oriented: keep a stash of cash in a place where nobody is looking. Who tries to pickpocket your wrist?

Lori of At the Fence wrote:

They are PERFECT for travel!  How many times while traveling do you wish you could just take your iPhone, iPod, or cellphone and a little cash, but you don’t have pockets to place them in?  Well, a Big Banjee will take care of that problem.

Heather of Through Heather’s Looking Glass wrote:

I highly recommend this product for runners, or anyone who wants to be hands free but doesn’t have pockets.

Amy of Juice Boxes & Crayolas wrote:

The long and short of it is that the banjee is, in my opinion, way more comfortable than carrying something or wearing a belt.  Period.

Toni of Running Loving Living wrote:

I carried my keys in the wallet for 12 miles and it did not bother me at all!!!  This is definitely an item that will be part of my running wardrobe!!!!

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And remember to use coupon code OriginalBanjees in your shopping cart to save 20% on your entire order.

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