Texting GlovesLet the warm, soft fleece of Sprigs Perfect Fit Gloves, Texting Gloves or Multi-Mitts envelop your hands in functional luxury.

When creating our gloves and mitts, we started by thinking of the features and functions we wanted in these items. First and foremost was comfort. We wanted something we looked forward to putting on, on those cold February mornings; when the novelty of winter had worn off. But we wanted more than that. We wanted our mitts and gloves to be functional. All of our gloves and mitts get “grip-dots” to enable safe handling of whatever you may need to access while wearing gloves, be that your keys, credit card or smart-phone.

Speaking of smart-phones we got tired of taking off our mitts to reply to that text message and we found the threads in most “text friendly” gloves to be useless after one or two washings. Our solution: let the wearer use their actual fingertips, like touch-screen-inventors intended, so we created our Texting Gloves and Multi-Mitts. Check them out by clicking below.