Congratulations! You’ve found Earbags®, the best ear warmers ever invented. How can we be so confident in that statement?
  1. They’re ultra-warm.  Earbags® are lined with Thinsulate®, adding an extra layer of warmth.
  2. Earbags® are comfortable. Unlike traditional ear muffs or those ones that wrap around the back of your head, Earbags® don’t squeeze your head like a vice.
  3. They stay on your ears. Walk, run, jump, ski, sled, or whatever floats your boat – they will stay put. Earbags® are so good we’ve been awarded a patent on them. Other brands can imitate, but they can’t make them the same way we do. 
  4. They fit in your pocket. A small detail, but the details are what make something the best. What do you do with banded ear muffs when they aren’t on your head? Earbags® have a low profile so you can just pop them in your pocket. And every pair of Earbags® comes with a free storage bag, custom designed for Earbags.

It’s as simple as that. Earbags® are the best ear warmers ever invented

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Still not sure? Read on… We provided a handful of bloggers Earbags® for their review. They said a lot of great things, but here are some representative quotes:

Amy of Running Escapades said:

“Occasionally during the run, I had to reach up to touch the Earbags® to make sure they were still there. They were so light and didn’t bounce or rub at all. Throughout the run I could hear my running partner’s conversation without interference and my ears stayed comfortably warm.”

Laura of Girls Gone Sporty said:

“They stayed in place without pulling or tugging on my ears and their snug fit didn’t cause a headache, which I’m forever grateful for. Plus, the warmth provided was perfect.”

Molly Ritterback said:

“I like that I can wear them, hear with them, jump around with them, and still have my earbuds in to listen to music!”

Jen of Running with the Girls said:

“I even popped them on my ears while out in the yard with the kids.  They fit perfectly, looked cute, and were thin enough for me to still hear the kids.”

Casey of CSW Fit Yoga said:

“These Earbags® ‘clip’ onto your ear, and honestly stay put, I hardly notice I have them on they are so light yet very warming.”

Ready to buy Earbags® now? Remember the coupon code BestWarmers20 in your shopping cart to get 20% off your entire order. Click here to find the Earbags right for you.

STILL not sure?  No problem. Here are some additional resources that may help you make up your mind if Earbags® are right for you:

Want more? How about CNN’s Don Lemon wearing Earbags® on the air:

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Of course, if you have any questions, please contact us.

Earbags: They’re like mittens you pop onto your ears. So good you’ll do a 180!